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A Smart Way To Unlock Deeper Email Engagement? | B2Breakout 🚀

Answer: A Quiz

It’s an ordinary Wednesday morning.

You wake up, roll out of bed, inhale your coffee and check your email inbox on your phone.

The usual suspects are there, probably leaving you looking a bit like this:

There’s that one trying to sell you home insurance again, the charity mailer you keep forgetting to unsubscribe from, a couple of bills… but wait, what’s this? An interesting email about productivity hacks?

“Sure, I want to be more productive,” you think to yourself.

So you open it up and skim through the words.

The points are well made, and you almost convince yourself that you’ll implement some of the hacks in your day to day life.

There’s something at the bottom about buying something.

But you're busy pouring your second cup right now.

Productivity can wait.

The Problem With Most Emailers: They Preach, Then Pitch.

Most email marketers can hit a message home. Far fewer are good at actually getting you to buy something.


To put it plainly, while they’re good at presenting a solution to a problem, they’re less good at helping you to connect with that problem on a personal level and making you realise that you need that solution.

But, no need to fret, I’m here to share a great way of achieving that deeper connection that you may not have considered before:


They’re especially effective when used as a central part of your email marketing strategy, rather than a lead magnet into your email marketing list.

A quiz will make people think, giving them something to fall into and making your emails seem even more relevant to them personally.

And the more they can relate, the easier it will be for you - the person who actually helped them on their terms, rather than yours - to sell to them later.

Why Should You Implement Quizzes Into Your Email Marketing Campaign?

There are three key factors to consider:


Quizzes are an interactive and fun way to captivate your audience.

But more importantly, they give your email marketing a next logical step, allowing people to engage on the subject at their own pace while highlighting which aspects matter most to them.

By incorporating thought-provoking questions and interactive elements, you create a deeper relationship between you and the reader.

This means they will come to see you as the expert on the subject, and be more likely to share your newsletter with others who are in the same boat.


Your marketing strategy is focused on solving the problem your target audience faces.

Fantastic… if they know what that problem is.

Quizzes provide a unique opportunity for your audience to self-identify their challenges or pain points.

Craft questions that align with common industry issues or specific problems your target audience faces - chances are they’ve never put any thought into it.

As they answer, they gain clarity on the areas they need assistance with, making your content appear more relevant to their needs.

And if they choose to have a conversation with you at a later date, you will know exactly which issues they need to address, making your conversations far more effective.


Armed with the insights from quiz responses, you now have a deeper understanding of your audience's pain points, preferences, and interests.

This data is absolute gold dust, given directly to you by the people who matter most.

It allows you to tailor your content specifically to their needs, ensuring that you’re offering relevant and impactful solutions.

From blog posts to white papers, webinars to case studies, you can create targeted content that truly resonates with your audience and positions your brand as a trusted partner and advisor.

That means, instead of skimming through absentmindedly, your audience will be reading your content like:

And Quizzes An Be A Valuable Lead Generation Tool, Too

By collecting contact information, you can see who the most engaged people on your email list are, which gives insight into who is best placed to have a conversation with you.

In short, you’re already aligned on the problem, meaning that your leads are already warm.

Ready To Embrace The Power Of Quizzes?

Here are some best practices to keep in mind:

  • Craft engaging and relevant questions that align with your audience's pain points.

  • Provide insightful and actionable results at the end of the quiz.

  • Integrate social sharing options to encourage participants to spread the word.

  • Offer incentives such as downloadable resources or exclusive content to further engage participants.

In conclusion, quizzes may seem like frivolous fun, but don’t be fooled - they’re a heavy duty marketing supertool. Done well, they make it almost effortless on your behalf to engage, recognise problems, and craft targeted content strategies in your B2B marketing efforts.

It’s time to take advantage of their interactive nature to captivate your audience and refine your communications with them.

If you're ready to make quizzes your new secret weapon and want assistance in implementing them effectively, I’m here to support you. Feel free to reach out via LinkedIn DM or respond to this email, and I’ll be in touch.

Until next time!


It can be a long process to get this all in place, but I’d love to hear if these insights work for you. You can DM me via LinkedIn or reply to this email with your thoughts or any questions you might have.

And if you’d prefer some direct feedback on your marketing efforts, I’d be happy to help. You can take our LinkedIn assessment and I’ll follow up with some free analysis a few days later.